NEW WAR MACHINES AND OLD NUCLEAR WEAPONS Alumni Evening with Prof. Paul Bracken (SOM)

NEW WAR MACHINES AND OLD NUCLEAR WEAPONS Alumni Evening with Prof. Paul Bracken (SOM)


Wednesday, October 18th, 2023    


Westin Grand Berlin
Friedrichstraße 158-164, Berlin, 10117

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A dangerous strategic competition is underway based on AI, cyber, hypersonic missiles, killer drones, laser death rays, logic bombs, satellite killers, and robot weapons. Professor Paul Bracken will describe how these “new war machines” promise to change the international order. At the same time “old nuclear weapons,” a 1945 technology, have spread to nine countries and counting. China’s current “nuclear breakout,” North Korea, and Iran’s effort to get the bomb point to a second nuclear age.

Paul Bracken is professor emeritus of management and political science at Yale University. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and consults to the RAND Corporation and to government departments and multinational corporations. He has been a visiting scholar at the CIA and Beijing University.

Paul taught a signature Yale course on Strategy, Technology, & War which drew 300 students. At SOM he taught courses on technology and the multinational corporation, political risk, and he continues to teach in SOM’s executive programs. He is included in Princeton Review’s Best 300 Professor in America.

Bracken is the author of seven books on global business, political risk, national security and global order. His book, The Second Nuclear Age, was recently listed by Oxford University as one of the “Ten Best International Relations Books to Read in 2023.”

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