The Yale Club is entirely funded by donations from alumni and friends.

Your donations will directly benefit our club activities (alumni in-person and online events, scholarships, essay contests, lectures, the Munich Dialogues on Democracy, …)

  • we are a registered charity in Germany (gemeinnütziger eingetragener Verein)
  • your donations are fully tax-deductible (and monitored by German fiscal authorities)
  • we have extremely low fixed costs:
    • no compensation for board members
    • our only recurring fixed costs are web hosting and some legal/administrative fees which are necessary to maintain our status as registered charitable organization (e.g. for notarizing our annual meeting minutes)
    • in 2020, we spent €5300 for events and stipends and only €33 for operating costs

How to donate?

You can support our activities by bank transfer (Überweisung) to the account below. Please include the following information:

  • your email address
  • your full mailing address
  • indicate if you want to support specific club activities (e.g. scholarships, or the Munich Dialogues on Democracy), or leave blank to enable us to cover our recurring operational expenses

Bank: n26 Bank
Payee/Kontoinhaber: Hans Christian Siller
IBAN: DE76 1001 1001 2621 3219 84

For any question regarding donations, please contact our treasurer.