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Some Yale Club of Germany News:

Yale Day(s) of Service 2015 will be around May 9th.

We will have several projects, as in the past years.
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The Inaugural Schloss Wartin Salon
Midsummer's Days and Nights in June

Schloss Wartin Salon 19-21 June 2015

Justine Kolata, Salon Organizer,

A Preliminary Announcement

Schloss Wartin Salon

June 19-21, 2015 Midsummer's Days and Nights

The Schloss Wartin Salon is part of a larger movement to revive salon culture as a form of meaningful human interaction, political, cultural, and social engagement, and to stimulate ideas and the art of conversation in physical space. We hope that the Salon will provide participants with intellectual and sensory fulfillment and a sense of community in a beautiful environment, leading to future projects, ideas, and forms of engagement.

2015 will be the inaugural Salon in what we intend to be an annual event at the Schloss, among other cultural events, and regular salons in Germany and around the world.


Each day will have a theme, Day 1: Life and Death, Day 2: Culture and Aesthetics, Day 3: Meaning and Existence. Throughout the day there will be presentations and intimate discussions relating to the theme.

The main event will be an evening salon where participants engage in lively debate, throughout the night, over a communal dinner. A speaker will give a presentation within the given theme to stimulate discussion. A “conversation menu” of suggested questions will further constructive debate.

In addition to the salons there will be a range of shared activities such as poetry in the gardens, cooking, nature walks, painting, and theatrical performances.

Further details will be shared in the near future. Mark the date and RSVP if you desire to be informed of developments. If you have an idea or would like to curate an event or topic at the Salon please email us.


The Salon will take place in the beautiful and historic castle of Wartin in Brandenburg Germany. To see pictures please visit:


The castle is an easy train ride from Berlin. Participants will be able to stay in accommodation at the castle. We strongly believe in the affordability of the Salon so that everyone can participate. The events are free and we will minimize room and food costs, relying on donations to sustain the event. Specific information on travel and costs to follow.

Contact and RSVP

Justine Kolata, Salon Organizer,

A project initiated by the Yale University Alumni Club in Germany e.V. and the Collegium Wartinum Foundation











Yale Club of Germany info

David Ilten (Yale College ’60)
Tel. 069 622680 (Frankfurt)
dfilten  at

David MacBryde (Yale College ’64)
Tel. 030 8229625 (Berlin)
david.macbryde.bk.64  at

Laura Sprague Sudhaus
(Yale College ’88)
Tel. 06198 501700 (Eppstein)
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Alumni Schools Committee
Rebecca Haltzel-Haas
(Yale College ’90)
Tel. 069 9550 2660 (Frankfurt)
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Newsletter/Mailing List
Lutz Berners (Yale College ’99)
Tel. 0176 6218 9687 (Stuttgart)

lberners  at

Schloss Wartin Salon
Justine Kolata (Yale College + Cambridge)
jkolata  at

Membership: If you are an alumnus of any Yale school or a friend of Yale, you are automatically considered a member of the Yale Club of Germany. Welcome!

Facebook: Please subscribe to our Yale Club of Germany facebook group for up-to-date event information. 

Mailing list: To add your name to the Yale Club’s mailing list, to change your address, or to notify the Club that you’re leaving Germany and should be removed from the list, please click here to let Lutz know. You can also ask them who else is in your area, since they try to keep track of Yalies throughout Germany.

Interviews: The Yale Club is always looking for alumni to interview local high-school students who are applying to Yale College. If you would like to help out or learn more, please click here to e-mail our ASC director, Rebecca Haltzel-Haas.

Yale Book Award: If you interested in presenting the Yale Book Award at a high school in your area, click here to let David Ilten know.

Yale Club of Germany Prize: We are in the “quiet phase” of a long-term program to raise at least €20,000, with an eventual goal of €100,000, to endow this award for presentation to exceptional high school students in Germany who have been accepted to Yale. If you are interested in learning more about how you can contribute to this worthy effort, please click here to let David Ilten know. Meanwhile, thanks to those who have contributed recently!

Contributions: The Club does not assess dues, but asks its members to make an modest annual contribution (€20 suggested, but any amount is welcome) to help fund Club activities such as the Yale Book Award. To contribute, please arrange a bank transfer (Überweisung) to the Yale Club’s account. (For those of you new to Germany, this is the standard method for making payments here — as common in Germany as writing a check in the U.S.) Account details:


Bank (Kreditinstitut des Begünstigten):

Degussa Bank, Frankfurt


Payee (Begünstigten):

Yale Club e.V.







If you have questions or need a receipt for the Finanzamt, please contact our Treasurer, David MacBryde (contact details above).