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6 May 2009

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Yale Day of Service

Saturday 16 May: Yale Day of Service

It’s not too late to sign up! Responses have been coming in steadily from all over Germany, and we’re hoping for a good crowd on May 16th, when a dozen or two of us join thousands of Yale alumni, family members and friends all over the globe in volunteering for service events and projects stemming from the laborious (neighborhood clean-ups, sprucing up parks, planting gardens, painting) to the socially helpful (working in food banks, blood drives, soup kitchens) to the more intellectually stimulating (reading books to children, assisting with job applications).

Schloss WartinIn Germany, our Day of Service will be carried out at Schloss Wartin. For those of you who are new to Germany, Schloss Wartin is the lovely 18th-century country mansion about about 1½ hours northeast of Berlin owned and restored by Charles Elworthy (Yale Graduate School '88) and Jochen Mengel (Yale Law School '87), which hosts academic conferences, concerts, art shows, and other cultural events. It also has a working farm and accommodations, and hosts an officially recognized educational foundation.

The Schloss and its campus are always in need of volunteers to help out with routine matintenance, and we’re all invited to pitch in and make a fun weekend of it! The “Day of Service” work will be on Saturday 16 May, but you can come earlier and stay longer if you like. Wartin is not far from the Polish border, and the town is quite rustic.

Here’s the basic schedule and other information for the weekend surrounding the Yale Day of Service in Germany.

Friday 15 May 2009




High tea.


Tour around the Schloss and its gardens. Get to know the Pomeranian geese and the Skudden sheep.


Joint cooking effort.


Dinner. After dinner: music, poetry, etc.

Saturday 16 May 2009


Breakfast in the park.


You have a choice of activities. The main one will be the first of two group brainstorming sessions on how Schloss Wartin can be useful to the Yale community and vice versa. If this doesn’t interest you, there are other opportunities for service: helping with the gardening, maintenance, cooking, cleaning, etc.




Again, a choice of activities: either participating in the second of two group brainstorming sessions, or helping out around the Schloss with the gardening, maintenance, cooking, cleaning, etc. There will also be opportunities for anyone with special skills — music, architecture, photography, art, library knoweldge, IT/computers, etc. — to help out!


High tea.


Stories about Yale. Leisure time.


Joint cooking effort.


Dinner. After dinner: music.

Sunday 17 May 2009




A walk in the Blumberger Wald, one of the most beautiful forests in Germany, created by Oberförster Schmidt.


Joint cooking effort.




High tea. (For those who haven’t had to depart already.)

How do I sign up?


To sign up, you need to do two things:


1. Register through the AYA

Go to the Yale Day of Service website (www.yaledayofservice.org), click on “Service Sites,” and locate the link to the Germany sign-up page. Just follow the instructions there to register yourself and any friends/family members who will be participating. This registration, which is free, is simply for Day of Service participation.


2. Reserve accommodations/meals at Schloss Wartin

Please send an e-mail to Bianka Klaar at Schloss Wartin (bianka.klaar@wartin.com) to let her know (1) your name and the names of any friends/family members coming with you; (2) about when you expect to arrive and depart; and (3) how many nights you will be staying, and how many rooms/beds you will need. She will then tell you how much you owe, and you can transfer the payment to the Schloss Wartin account ahead of time. Costs are shown below.

How much does it cost?


Participation in the Yale Day of Service is free. The only costs will be modest ones to help Schloss Wartin defray the cost of food and lodging for those who will be coming:

  • Single room: €30 per person per night
  • Double room: €20 per person per night

  • Triple or larger room: €15 per person per night

  • Children under 10: €10 per child per night

  • Meals and coffee/tea etc.: €15 per person per day

Account details for Überweisung bank transfers to pre-pay for your accommodations and meals:

Europaeische Akademie Wartin
Sparkasse Uckermark Prenzlau
BLZ: 170 560 60
Konto Nr: 3424009694

How do I get to Schloss Wartin?


The village of Wartin is about 130 km northeast of Berlin. The nearest station is Casekow, and the trip from Berlin takes about 1½ hours by train, or about the same amount of time if you drive. If you come by train, the station is about 6 km from the Schloss, but someone from the Schloss can drive down and pick you up.

If you’re in the Berlin area...
...and would like to join up with others making the trip up to Wartin together in a group, please let our Berlin coordinator know — just e-mail Summer Banks ’08 as soon as possible.




A warm welcome!

A warm welcome to many new Yale Club members, who’ve either recently arrived or whom we’ve only learned of since the last newsletter.

The list is unusually long this time, thanks largely to the efforts of Laura Sprague ’88. She put in many, many hours of volunteer work at the end of March preparing a rare Yale Club postal mailing (“Mommy, what’s postal mail?”) to all the names on our mailing lists for whom we had no e-mail address. After her mailing went out, many folks have contacted the Yale Club for the first time (or the first time in a long while). But weve also heard from current students and others who’ve been in Germany only a short while. So a big welcome to:

  • Alexander G. Adiarte (Yale College ’97 TD), Stuttgart
  • Petra Leilani Akwai (Yale College ’68 JE), Dreieich-Goetzenhain
  • Lutz Berners (Yale College ’99 BK), Stuttgart
  • Richard Bosley (Yale College ’71 DC, Graduate School ’74, ’80), Berlin
  • Susan Scheidel Breitung (Yale School of Music ’86), Jena
  • Heike Bussmann (Yale Law School ’98), Frankfurt
  • Irwin (Bud) Collier (Yale College ’74 PC), Berlin
  • Christof von Dryander (Yale Law School ’81), Frankfurt
  • Markus Grauer (Yale College ’91 TD), Munich
  • Hans-Helmut König (Yale School of Public Health ’95), Leipzig
  • Juergen Kuehn (Yale Law School ’55), Bonn
  • Alexandra Kuhn-Thiel (Yale College ’93 DC), Großkrotzenburg
  • Detlef Maennig (Yale Graduate School ’82), Frankfurt
  • Elmar Mand (Yale Law School ’07), Marburg
  • Paul Mittermiller (Yale College ’08 CC), Munich
  • Rev. Ashley Null (Yale Divinity School ’85, ’89), Berlin
  • Clara Sattler de Sousa e Brito (Yale Law School ’08), Munich
  • Sebastian Schnettler (Yale Graduate School ’10), Chemnitz
  • Krister T. Smith (Yale Graduate School ’02, ’06), Frankfurt
  • Simone Teelen (Yale Graduate School ’04, ’05), Salzgitter
  • Tessa Wilson (Yale Graduate School ’78), Würzburg

Also greetings to current sophomore Michelle Modest (Yale College ’12 PC), who will be doing an internship at a law firm in Hamburg this summer.




President Levin recovering from surgery

The Yale Daily News reported last Friday that University President Richard Levin (Yale Graduate School ’74) underwent surgery for prostate cancer the previous day, April 30, in New York. Vice President and Secretary Linda Lorimer said the procedure was successful and Levin’s prognosis is “excellent,” and that the president would be staying out of his Woodbridge Hall office for approximately three weeks to recuperate. During that time, Provost Peter Salovey will assume responsibility for academic and budgeting operations, while Lorimer will be responsible for other University matters.

“The cancer was caught very early,” Lorimer said in a telephone interview with the YDN. “The surgery went well. He’ll be back for Commencement.”

Click here for the full article at the Yale Daily News website.




Yale innovators shaping tomorrow’s world

Translating basic research into new technologies that advance our health and welfare has been part of Yale’s “DNA” for centuries, but in recent years the pace of innovation at the University has accelerated dramatically. Today’s Yale inventors are helping to lead the way in science, medicine and engineering. With plans now in place for new research institutes on the West Campus, Yale is on the cusp of becoming an even greater incubator of new ideas and methods for exploring key scientific questions. At the same time, the entrepreneurial spirit that has always been part of Yale student culture — Frederick Smith outlined the idea for Federal Express in a term paper he wrote while a Yale student back in the 1960s! — seems to have been flourishing even more in the past decade or so.

All this activity is so exciting — and so difficult to get a grasp of, let alone a decent overbiew — that Yale has launched a new website called Yale Innovators that pulls together bits and pieces of news from all over the campus, from faculty research labs to student start-ups. You can find the new site here.

  • Also new at Yale’s webiste is a video, Environment and Sustainability at Yale, which shows how the University is making a significant contribution to environmental quality and sustainability through research, education and action. You can download the video from this link. (Note: this is a 59MB file that requires QuickTime.)



Yale Club of Germany

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Yale Club of Germany Prize: We are in the “quiet phase” of a long-term program to raise at least €20,000, with an eventual goal of €100,000, to endow this award for presentation to exceptional high school students in Germany who have been accepted to Yale. If you are interested in learning more about how you can contribute to this worthy effort, please click here to let David Ilten know. Meanwhile, thanks to those who have contributed recently!