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20 October 2008




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Yale Club lunch, hike, and supper
in Wiesbaden this Saturday, Oct. 25

HikeWhether you live in the greater Frankfurt area or not, you’re invited to join a special Yale Club day of eating and hiking in the foothills of the Taunus mountain range just north of Wiesbaden, about 50 minutes west of Frankfurt, this Saturday, October 25. This is a family hike, open to all friends and relatives too.

You can come for just the lunch, the easy two-hour hike, or the pizza dinner, or all three as you have time.

  • 12:45 p.m. — Meet for lunch at the Restaurant Palast Hotel, Kranzplatz 5, Wiesbaden. This is near the Kurhaus/Theater if you are looking for parking; it’s also near the Webergasse bus stop (from the Wiesbaden Hauptbahnhof, take Bus #1 in the direction of Neroberg, or Bus #8 in the direction of Eigenheim, or Bus #8B in the direction of Bahnholz). Click here for a Google map of the restaurant’s location that you can zoom in on or print out.
  • 2 p.m. — We’ll depart the restaurant and take a local bus to the point where the hiking trail begins. So anyone who can’t come for lunch but who wants to hike should be at the restaurant at about 1:45 p.m.
  • 6 p.m. — After winding up back at the apartment of Bob Bonds ’71 (Röderstrasse 28, at the corner of Röderstrasse and Weilstrasse) at about 5 p.m., we’ll have refreshments and wait for the dinner crowd. So anyone who can’t come for the hike but who wants to join in the pizza/salad supper should be at Bob’s place at about 6 p.m. Again, click here for a Google map that you can zoom in or print out.

No sign-up necessary — just come and enjoy some good exercise and camraderie! If you have any questions about how to get to Wiesbaden, or you’d like to come for an overnight stay and need accommodations, please check with Bob by e-mail or by phone (06122 955930 office, 0170 9720 168 mobile).







People in the News

  • Congratulations to long-time Yale Clubber Charles Elworthy (Yale Graduate School ’88) on his August wedding in the Schlosskirche of Schloss Wartin, northeast of Berlin, after the dedication of the Schlossbibliothek (castle library) and guest rooms.
  • David Ilten sends thanks to everyone who came to his 70th birthday party held in Frankfurt on July 24, making it such a memorable evening. Special thanks to Laura Sudhaus (Yale College ’88, TD) for baking the birthday cake, which was praised by all who attended.







Yale Club of Germany

David Ilten (Yale College ’60)
Tel. 069 622680 (Frankfurt)

Treasurer/Alumni Schools Committee
David MacBryde (Yale College ’64)
Tel. 030 8229625 (Berlin)

Laura Sprague Sudhaus
(Yale College ’88)
Tel. 06198 501700 (Eppstein)

Newsletter/Mailing List
Bob Bonds (Yale College ’71)
Tel. 06122 95590 (Wiesbaden)

Membership: If you are an alumnus of any Yale school or a friend of Yale, you are automatically considered a member of the Yale Club of Germany. Welcome!

Mailing list: To add your name to the Yale Club’s mailing list, to change your address, or to notify the Club that you’re leaving Germany and should be removed from the list, please click here to let Laura and Bob know. You can also ask them who else is in your area, since they try to keep track of Yalies throughout Germany.

Interviews: The Yale Club is always looking for alumni to interview local high-school students who are applying to Yale College. If you would like to help out or learn more, please click here to e-mail our ASC director, David MacBryde.

Yale Book Award: If you interested in presenting the Yale Book Award at a high school in your area, click here to let David Ilten know.

Yale Club of Germany Prize: We are in the “quiet phase” of a long-term program to raise at least €20,000, with an eventual goal of €100,000, to endow this award for presentation to exceptional high school students in Germany who have been accepted to Yale. If you are interested in learning more about how you can contribute to this worthy effort, please click here to let David Ilten know. Meanwhile, thanks to those who have contributed recently!

Contributions: The Club does not assess dues, but asks its members to make an modest annual contribution (€20 suggested, but any amount is welcome) to help fund Club activities such as the Yale Book Award. To contribute, please arrange a bank transfer (Überweisung) to the Yale Club’s account. (For those of you new to Germany, this is the standard method for making payments here — as common in Germany as writing a check in the U.S.) Account details:


Bank (Kreditinstitut des Begünstigten):

Degussa Bank, Frankfurt


Bank Number (Bankleitzahl, or BLZ):



Payee (Begünstigten):

Yale Club e.V.


Payee’s Account Number
(Konto-Nr. des Begünstigten):

22 1278

If you have questions or need a receipt for the Finanzamt, please contact our Treasurer, David MacBryde (contact details above).