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21 May 2007

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News from the Yale family in Germany

News from and about Yale




Elijah in FrankfurtMonthly get-together
in Frankfurt this Friday

The Yale Club’s next 4th-Friday-of-the-month Stammtisch in Frankfurt will be at 7:30 p.m. this Friday night, May 25, at the wine pub Fidelio Weinkeller (Bockenheimer Landstraße 1-3, tel. 069 725758). Come and enjoy a relaxing hour or two — and perhaps have a bite to eat if you’re hungry — with Yale friends new and old.

Fidelio’s is a short walk from the S-Bahn’s Taunusanlage station (one stop from Frankfurt Hauptbanhof on any S-Bahn line) or the U-Bahn’s Alte Oper station (on the U6 and U7 lines). If you’re driving, Fidelio is diagonally southwest across the intersection from the Alte Oper, and there are several parking garages nearby.

As always, no sign-up is required. Just come! Questions? Send an e-mail to Laura Sudhaus (Yale College ’88).

And while we’re talking about the Yale family in Frankfurt, thanks to the family of Rebecca Haltzel-Haas (Yale College ’90, Timothy Dwight) for hosting the Yale Club in their home for a pizza-party Stammtisch in March. Rebecca, husband Rudolf, and sons Nathaniel (9), Jacob (6) and Elijah (5 months) put on a good party — and Elijah even got dressed up to greet us, as you can see from the photo above.




Yale Alley Cats

Yale Alley Cats to perform at
Schloss Wartin on Wednesday 30 May

Schloss Wartin, the lovely 18th-century country mansion northeast of Berlin owned and restored by Charles Elworthy (Yale Graduate School ’88) and Jochen Mengel (Yale Law School ’87), will be hosting one of America’s most popular singing groups, the Yale Alley Cats, in concert a 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 30. And everybody’s invited!

Charles and Jochen write: “To make the journey to the ’sandy wastes of Brandenburg’ worthwhile, we hope that as many as possible will join us for a relaxed lunch and afternoon in the Schlosspark and surroundings. (Don’t forget your swimming things if it’s warm!). We can also provide a certain amount of simple accommodation in the Schloss and the neighboring buildings for a limited number of guests, together with the Alley Cats, who travel on to Switzerland the next morning.”

Schloss WartinThey add: “We are honored that our President, David Ilten, will be travelling across from Frankfurt for the event, and we look forward to hearing from each of you who can join us!” If you have not yet been to Schloss Wartin (photo, right), you have a real treat in store.

The Alley Cats have been spreading music around the world since 1943. The 15-member all-male close-harmony group finds its roots in jazz, but its repertoire has grown to include Motown, pop, classical, and many other genres. Their diverse songlist and musical excellence have allowed them to perform at a host of different venues, from jazz clubs to embassies, from the set of TV’s “The West Wing” to the main stage at the Dresden Music Festival, from the beaches of Hawaii to “Martha Stewart Living", from a square filled with hundreds of Parisians to Battell Chapel packed with hordes of screaming Yalies.

To let the Schloss know you’re coming, or for questions on the best way to get there, call Charles or Jochen at 033331 78100, or send Charles and e-mail. Meanwhile, thanks to these intrepid Yalies for hosting this lively group!




Get-together in Munich on Friday 8 June

MunichThe next informal Stammtisch get-together of the Yale family in Munich will be at 7 p.m. on Friday evening, June 8. As our veteran Munich coordinator Alexander Schmitt-Glaeser (Yale Law School ’89) writes, “Since our last Stammtisch turned out to be more of a nice exclusive dinner for three, I would like to express my hopes that June 8th will rock! As always we will meet at 7 pm in the Max Emanuel Brauerei in the Adalbertstraße in Schwabing, and I will book inside and outside. Please ask for the Table for Bulldogs. Hope to see lots and lots of Yalies and honorary Yalies — and please bring your spouses so that we can hand out more honorary degrees!””

As Alexander says, we’ll be meeting in the Max Emanuel Brauerei biergarten, Adalbertstraße 33 (click here for the restaurant’s website). Alexander has chosen this pleasant venue since it offers outdoor seating if the weather is nice and indoor seating if it isn’t.

The Brauerei is within easy walking distance of Universität station (near the east end of Adalbertstraße) on the U3 or U6 lines, or the Schellingstraße stop on the N27 tram line (near the west end). For a scalable Google map showing the restaurant’s location that you can zoom in on for more detail, click here.

Strictly speaking, no sign-up necessary — but if you do know that you’re going to be coming, please let Alexander know by e-mail so that he’ll have a better idea of how big a table he should hold for us. Either way, come and meet friends new and old!




New group of Yale World Fellows
for 2007 includes one from Germany

Mehmet DaimagulerMehmet Daimaguler, 39, the first German of Turkish descent to be elected to the national board of a German political party, is one of the 18 Yale World Fellows for 2007 recently announced by the University. Daimaguler is managing director of Conergy, one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies, and he is recognized as one of the leading political and cultural activists on German-Muslim issues.

The Yale World Fellows Program — the only program of its kind among top-tier American universities — aims to build a global network of emerging leaders and to broaden international understanding. The program conducts a worldwide competition each year to select 18 accomplished men and women from diverse fields and countries for four months of leadership training on campus at Yale.

Selected from outside the United States at an early mid-career point, World Fellows come from a range of fields, including government, business, media, non-governmental organizations, the military, religion and the arts. This year’s World Fellows include the premier television news broadcaster in China, a policy adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the chief operating officer of the BBC’s New Media unit, members of parliament from Singapore and Ukraine, and one of Southeast Asia’s most critically acclaimed dramatists.

For the full Yale Bulletin & Calendar article about this year’s World Fellows, click here. To see a video of a recent interview with Daimaguler on German TV, click here.




President of China greets 100-member delegation from Yale in Beijing

A 100-member delegation of Yale students and faculty members, led by university President Richard Levin, is currently on a 10-day visit to China at the invitation of Chinese President Hu Jintao. Hu announced his invitation during a speech at Yale last year.

The group, which consists mostly of students who had never been to China before, had a meeting with President Bush in the Oval Office before their departure from the United States, and were greeted by President Hu in Beijing on the first day of their visit. The greeting party also included the U.S. Ambassador to China, Clark Randt (Yale College ’68).

For an ongoing Yale Daily News “China 100” blog about the visit, click here; for a video on the visit produced by CCTV, one of China’s national TV channels, click here.




President Levin to head World Bank?

President LevinA report in Saturday’s New York Times says that Yale President Richard Levin is one of three candidates being considered by President Bush to head the World Bank following the recent resignation of Paul Wolfowitz.

The White House has promised to find someone quickly to succeed Wolfowitz as president of the World Bank — someone who could “bring management skills to the job of healing an institution battered by the turmoil over Mr. Wolfowitz’s tenure.” Levin, an economist who is now the longest-serving president of any Ivy League school, is renown for his collegial style of leadership. To view the New York Times article, click here. (May require on-line registration.)

Other candidates being mentioned are Bill Frist, the former Republican senator from Tennessee and former Senate majority leader; and Robert B. Zoellick, a former deputy secretary of state and U.S. trade representative, now a top executive at Goldman Sachs in New York.

With Yale flourishing under President Levin in a way that hasn’t been seen in generations, most of us in the Yale family can only hope that Bush picks someone else!


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