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21 February 2006

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Informal Yale Club lunch set in
Berlin this Saturday, February 25

Cafe EinsteinThe next Berlin get-together of the Yale Club of Germany will be an informal lunch at 12:45 p.m. this Saturday, February 25, in the historic old Café Einstein (Kurfürstenstrasse 58, 10785 Berlin, tel. 030 2615096). We’ll be getting together just for the heck of it—it has been awhile since our last meeting, after all!—and also to welcome Sarah Heller, a high school student from Hong Kong currently on an exchange program in Berlin, who has just been admitted into Yale College’s Class of 2010. So come and meet some friends old and new—enjoy some of the best coffee in Berlin—and bring an encouraging word to Sarah!

Although the lunch will be quite informal, it will help if you can let us know ahead of time that you’re coming so that we can make sure we’ve got a proper-sized table with enough space for everyone. To sign up, just e-mail David MacBryde (Yale College ’64) or leave a message for him at 030 822 9625. Thanks!

Café Einstein is a short walk from the U-Bahn: get off at either Kurfürstenstrasse Station (on the U1 line) or at Nollendorf Station (on the U1, U2, U3 or U4 lines). For an expandable map showing the café’s location, click here; for its website, click here.




Reminder: free drinks at this Friday
night’s get-together in Frankfurt

BacchusJust a reminder that the Yale Club’s next 4th-Friday-of-the-month Stammtisch in Frankfurt will be at 7:30 p.m. this Friday, February 24, at our usual location: the classical music wine pub Fidelio Weinkeller (Bockenheimer Landstraße 1-3, tel. 069 725758 which is a short walk from the U-Bahn’s Taunusanlage station one stop from Frankfurt Hauptbanhof —or the Alte Oper. And this time, drinks will be on the house! (What’s the occasion? Hey, come and find out!)

As always, no sign-up necessary. Just come for a relaxing hour or two with Yale friends new and old, and have a bite to eat if you’re hungry. Questions? Send an e-mail to Laura Sudhaus (Yale College ’88) or call Bob Bonds (Yale College ’71) at 0170 9720168.




Upcoming events: save these dates

Save the dateDetails on these events will follow in due course, but meanwhile please do save the dates:

  • Friday 31 March — Open house at 7:30 p.m. for all Yale Club of Germany members at the home of our Club president, David Ilten (Yale College ’60), in Frankfurt.
  • Tuesday 23 May — An organ and handbell recital at 7 p.m. in the Evangelischen Kirche in Wildsachsen (just west of Frankfurt), followed by a reception for all Yale Club of Germany members at the nearby home of Maria Sudeck, widow of Ulf Sudeck (Yale College ’55), one of our past presidents and a founder of the Yale Club of Germany.



Local Yalie returns from duty in Iraq

Rob in IraqLong-time newsletter readers may recall that the “Local Boy Makes Good” department of an issue last August featured the adventures of Yale Club of Germany member Rob Berschinski (Yale College ’02), a U.S. Air Force officer serving in Kaiserslautern, who at the time had just returned from an assignment in Africa. Well, now Rob is recently back from four months’ duty in Iraq with some more incredible (not to say sobering) diary entries and lots of good photos. The photo at right shows Rob with an Iraqi-American interpreter he worked with named Joe. (No, Rob’s the one on the right.)

Rob writes: “To all of you who sent me e-mails, letters and packages, I can’t thank you enough. I would have had to convert to an all-chocolate diet in order to eat all the goodies you sent my way, and the many books, magazines, cards and photos I received became my lifeline to a world very different from the one I was witnessing first-hand—for all of that, you have my sincere thanks.

“I know I disappointed some of you by not sending out frequent dispatches from this, the first blogged war. Believe me when I say that I felt the pain of not being able to correspond more than you did; the thoughts I list below have been brewing in my head for the past 120 days, so forgive me if I get longwinded. What I can now tell you is that I spent the last four months attached to a joint counter-terrorism task force in the city of Ar Ramadi, which is about 70km west of Baghdad and in the heart of the so-called Sunni Triangle.

“The reason I couldn’t talk about Iraq while I was there is that I was occupying a somewhat sensitive position outside the confines of the normal military structure. In practice, this meant I got to wear civilian clothes, grow a beard, and exercise more decision-making power than any 25-year old should legally be entitled to wield. My work consisted of research, analysis and targeting at the forefront of the U.S. intelligence community, and was somewhat akin to doing primary-source work for a paper, with the end result being a bad guy getting taken off the street in lieu of a graded response from a professor. My time in Ramadi was exhausting, terrifying, and immensely gratifying...

“A couple of folks asked me at various times to comment on the security and political situation in Iraq as I saw it. I wasn’t able to honor those requests at the time, so what follows is a feeble attempt to catalogue my observations and opinions based on what I witnessed in while in Ramadi. Now may be a good time to stop reading if you’re just interested to hear that I’m back home. Otherwise, allow me to waste a couple minutes of your time...”

For the complete text of Rob’s thoughtful letter, click here.




Resor ’09 and Team USA win bronze

Helen Resor '09

Helen Resor '09 at the Olympics this past weekend (top).


With a 4-0 win over Finland yesterday, Team USA and defenseman Helen Resor (Yale College ’09) earned a bronze medal at the Winter Olympics. Resor, the first women’s hockey player from Yale to compete in the Olympics, is now the first Yale hockey player of either gender to earn a medal since five Bulldog men won silver with Team USA during the 1932 Winter Olympics.

Resor tied Jenny Potter for the best +/- rating on the U.S. team, +10. She had an assist on Team USA's second goal of the bronze-medal game, 8:09 in, when she fed Katie King for the first of King's three goals.

That was the second assist of the Olympics for Resor, who also assisted on a goal by Sarah Parsons in Team USA’s 5-0 win over Germany in the second game of the tournament Feb. 11. The U.S. went 3-0 in pool play before losing to Sweden in the semifinals Friday, 3-2 in a shootout.

Resor, 20, was the second-youngest member of the U.S. team. She will return to play for Yale next season, when she will be joined by another player with Olympic experience. Incoming freshman forward Denise Soesilo and the German Olympic Team won the fifth-place game on Monday over Russia, 1-0, in a shootout.

The Germans were 1-2 after pool play but defeated Italy 5-2 Friday in the classification round to earn a spot in the fifth-place game. Soesilo had an assist on the game-winning goal by Nikola Holmes in the win over Italy.

The fifth-place finish was Germany's highest in Olympic competition. Germany lost to Russia 5-0 in the fifth-place game at the 2002 Olympics. Soesilo, 18, was the fourth-youngest member of the German team.

A sizable contingent of current Yale students traveled to the Winter Olympics in Torino to watch Resor play. Also in the stands was her younger brother George, who has just been admitted to Yale College’s Class of 2010.

For the complete Yale Bulldogs article on this subject, click here; for the Yale Daily News article, click here.



Renovations to Trumbull College
have passed the halfway point

Trumbull CollegeRenovations on Trumbull College, the latest of Yale’s residential colleges to get a complete makeover, have passed the halfway point. By the time it reopens in September, Trumbull will have gone through a major reconstruction and refurbishment.

While the college’s exterior Gothic architectural details are being preserved and cleaned, the building infrastructure is being completely updated with fiber-optic wiring, handicapped access, and air-conditioning for all public spaces. The kitchen and dining hall are being modernized, and new exterior windows are being installed, and the Master’s House and the Dean’s and Fellows’ apartments are being renovated.

Sandwiched between Elm Street and the Sterling Memorial Library from the day it opened in 1933, Trumbull has always has a compact footprint. Yet, among all the residential colleges designed for Yale by James Gamble Rogers — which is all of them except for Calhoun, Ezra Stiles, and Morse — Trumbull was said to be Rogers’ favorite, because of its ingenious use of space. In the current string of renovations, Trumbull is the only college having its courtyard excavated (photo) — in this case, to make room for an underground theater. The total size of the college will be increased from 118,957 square feet to 127,673 square feet, adding capacity to house 14 additional students.

Since 1998, Yale has been completely renovating one residential college each year. Work begins as soon as students vacate the college in May, and continues around the clock for 15½ months until September of the following year. During the academic year while the college being rebuilt is closed, its students live in the New Residence Hall (the “Swing Dorm”) on Tower Parkway across from Morse College.

Already complete are renovations to Berkeley (1998-99), Branford (1999-2000), Saybrook (2000-01), Timothy Dwight (2001-02), and Pierson (2003-04). Once Trumbull is complete, Silliman (2006-07) and Jonathan Edwards (2007-08) are next in line. Renovations on the remaining three colleges — Calhoun, which had a three-month renovation in 1989, and Ezra Stiles and Morse, the newest colleges — are not expected to be so extensive that they will need to be closed for an entire academic year.

For additional photos of Trumbull’s renovation, click here.



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Mailing list: To add your name to the Yale Club’s mailing list, to change your address, or to notify the Club that you’re leaving Germany and should be removed from the list, please click here to let Laura and Bob know. You can also ask them who else is in your area, since they try to keep track of Yalies throughout Germany.

Interviews: The Yale Club is always looking for alumni to interview local high-school students who are applying to Yale College. If you would like to help out or learn more, please click here to e-mail our ASC director, David MacBryde.

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