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10 October 2005

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BerlinThis Friday night: Yale
get-together in Berlin

The Yale family in Berlin is coming back to life following the summer holidays! The next get-together will be at 7 p.m. this Friday evening, October 14, in the ever-popular Cafe Bilderbuch (Akazienstraße 28, Berlin-Schöneberg, tel. 030 7870 6057 — click here for a map showing its location, or visit www.cafe-bilderbuch.de for its website).

No RSVP necessary! Just come for a drink — and something to eat if you’re hungry — with Yale friends new and old. Questions? E-mail Tomaz Cebasek (Yale College ’94), or give him a call at 0170 167 6074.

Tomaz, who led a terrific guided tour of Berlin for the Yale Club back at the end of April, extends a special welcome for Yalies who may just be in the Berlin area this weekend. If anybody needs a “local” as a point of contact for planning their weekend — tips and hints on goings-on, etc. — he said he’ll be happy to hear from them!




Frankfurt get-together Oct. 28

The Yale Club’s next 4th-Friday-of-the-month Stammtisch in Frankfurt will be at 7:30 p.m. on Friday evening, October 28, in the Fidelio Weinkeller (Bockenheimer Landstraße 1-3, tel. 069 725758), a short walk from the U-Bahn’s Taunusanlage station (one stop from Frankfurt Hauptbanhof) or the Alte Oper. No RSVP necessary! Just come for a drink — and something to eat if you’re hungry — with Yale friends new and old. Questions? E-mail Laura Sudhaus (Yale College ’88).





A warm welcome to a new member of the Yale Club of Germany that we’ve learned about since the last newsletter: Nicole Seiberlich (Yale College ’01, Trumbull), who is currently working on her PhD in Experimental Physics at the University of Würzburg.



Final call for volunteers at upcoming
College Day fairs in Munich, Berlin

Yale ShieldThis is a final reminder from the chair of our Yale Club’s Alumni Schools Committee, David MacBryde (Yale College ’64), that he could use some volunteers to staff Yale booths at either of two upcoming college fairs — one in Munich on Monday 17 October, the other in Berlin on Wednesday 19 October. Again, there will be a packet of information sent directly to the fairs from Yale, and it’s not necessary that you be an expert in admissions; the main thing is just to be a personal point of contact that can answer basic questions and direct people to additional resources.

If you’re interested in helping out, please send David an e-mail. You can also learn more about the two college fairs at the website of CollegeCouncil GmbH, which is organizing them as part of a European tour for admissions officers from American colleges and universities (when you log in, use the user name exhibitor and the password cd2005). In addition, there are some excellent general guidelines on assisting in college fairs at Yale’s Alumni Schools Committee website.



Life-size dinosaur gets ready to take up residence outside the Peabody Museum

Torosaurus latusOn October 22, there will be an official unveiling of a new addition to the New Haven landscape — a life-sized bronze statue of the dinosaur Torosaurus latus, which thrived during the Cretaceous era some 66 million years ago. Perched on its granite base on Whitney Avenue next to the Yale Peabody Museum, which is home to one of the United States’ largest and most prized collection of dinosaur fossils, the statue will tower two stories over visitors. The image at right is an rendering by artist Laura Friedman of how the statue will look in its new environment.

The area surrounding the statue will be landscaped to create a Cretaceous garden with granite benches. The plantings will include magnolias, ferns and other species that existed about 66 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period, when the Torosaurus thrived. The dinosaur’s granite base, which is considered a work of art in its own right, came from the Stony Creek Quarry in Branford. Stone sculptor Darrel Petite designed and cut the granite. Peabody officials say the sculpture is the first life-size public work of a dinosaur in New England.

The Torosaurus Project has been made possible through the generosity of Elizabeth and Stanford Phelps (Yale College ’56) and their grandchildren. The installation this month will be the culmination of a project that began back in December 1999, when Richard Burger, then director of the Peabody Museum Director, and vertebrate paleontology curator Jacques Gauthier approached the Peabody’s preparatory, Michael Anderson, about creating a life-sized dinosaur sculpture for the front of the museum on Whitney Avenue. There are few reconstructions of Torosaurus: the full-scale sculpture in front of the Yale Peabody Museum in New Haven will be the first.

Michael Anderson at workThe dinosaur itself is 9 feet (3 meters) tall and 21 feet (7 meters) long. The bronze statue is the final realization of Anderson’s work — from conception, model-making and sculpting, through to the creation of a wax prototype, to the casting at the foundry, where the sections were welded together and the statue given a surface patina. Anderson (shown in photo at left checking a one-third scale fiberglass cast of the Torosaurus skull for accuracy) spent several years alone preparing a one-third-scale clay model of the dinosaur which would later be used to guide the bronze foundry in the casting of the final statue. On the morning of September 22, as a huge crane gently swung around and lowered the 7,350-pound (3,340-kg) statue onto its perch, Anderson estimated that at least 200 people had gathered to witness the event, and traffic along Whitney Avenue slowed to a crawl as passing motorists could not help watching.

The full and fascinating story of the dinosaur’s preparation and how it was built may be found at the Yale Peabody Museum’s website.

Sources: Yale Peabody Museum, New Haven Register.



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